Frequently Asked Questions

How long will services take?

If you are scheduled for a full grooming session, expect to leave your pup for 3-4 hours. Time generally varies due to our schedule that day, the complexity of the haircut, and your pup’s temperament. If you are just coming in for a “we wash” bath, expect to leave your pup for about an hour. Unless of course you have a super hairy pup on your hands! If you have specific time constraints, please let us know in advance and we will do our very best to accommodate. 


Will you crate my dog?

We do have crates on hand for safety and security reasons. If your dog doesn’t love the other puppies, it may be necessary to crate him/her before and after the bath. However, if your dog enjoys the company of other dogs and we do not have any other aggressive pooches out of the crate, we try to let them be safely hooked up on leashes out of the crate. We do NOT have heated drying crates. We have crates with fans attached for drying, but they are not heated and blow cool neutral air.  


What shampoos do you have?

We use Earthbath, The Natural Groomer, Tropiclean, and Green Groom shampoos and conditioners. We have wide range of different shampoos, some that are great for skin problems such as Oatmeal & Aloe and Tea Tree & Aloe, as well as Hypo-Allergenic, and some great scented shampoos to keep your pup smelling great. Whatever your pup’s needs, we have the right shampoo!


Do you carry treats made in the USA?

YES! In fact, we try to only sell treats made in the U.S.


What is included in your professional grooming package?

The works! A professional grooming includes a bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning/plucking, and full haircut. Important: Anal gland release is included in professional grooming package, however we do not automatically check. PLEASE let us know if you would like your pup’s anal glands checked.


My dog has been banned from another grooming salon. Can I still bring him/her in?

Of course! We know that many of our four-legged friends do not love their bath and haircut. We will patiently work with your pup to get the job done to the absolute best of our ability. If you’re nervous and would like to stay with your pup, feel free!


I work throughout the week and can only bring my dog in for grooming on the weekends. Do you groom on the weekends?

Yes! We do offer grooming on the weekends. However, space is VERY limited. If you know that weekends are the only time that works for you let us know well in advance. Saturdays and Sundays are typically booked at least a month in advance.  We can also schedule multiple appointments so that you are ahead of the game!


What do I need to bring if I plan to do a self-bath? If I’m new to this, will someone be able to help walk me through the process?

Just bring yourself and your dog! We have everything else you need here. Especially if it is your first time, we will be ready to help with any questions you have. If you need a walk-through just ask! We are happy to help.


Do you take appointments for self-wash?

Unfortunately, no. We only have four tubs and it is very difficult to give an exact time of when one will be open for use. Self-wash baths are always walk in appointments! It’s best to come at half hour times, but in the event you have to wait it should not be more than a few minutes!


What is included in a “we-wash” bath? Do I need an appointment?

We wash baths are by appointment! Generally you can call and get an appointment same day! A “we-wash” bath includes the bath, blow dry, and brush out. Nail trims, paw trims, sanitary trims etc. are a la carte and not included with the bath. Please let us know if you need any additional services, and check the “services” tab for prices!

I just adopted a dog! Do I get a discount?

Well first of all, congratulations! With valid adoption paperwork your first self-wash bath is on us!

What methods of payment do you accept?

We except cash, check, and Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Please note that we cannot add gratuity to a check. As a small business, cash payments and gratuity are always GREATLY appreciated! 


I always have trouble finding parking on Church Street. Where can I park when I drop off my pet?

We DO have a 5 minute pet drop off spot in front of our store. This is for drop offs only, not for use if you are doing a self-bath or plan to stay for more than a few minutes. The Clock Shop has graciously given us this drop off spot on their property, and in return we please request that you do not park in The Clock Shop’s designated spots, or in their driveway! Parking there is not permitted. There is also a parking lot directly behind the building, street parking, 4 hour garage parking by Bazin’s on Church, and a municipal lot next to the Caboose and the W&OD. Give us a call if you cannot find parking and we will come out to help!